terms and conditions

Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions before booking with Fox Meets Bear Events. By making a booking you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions. Safety first party people!

General Terms
No smoking on or near the furnishings or inside the tent at any time; 
No pets on the furnishings or inside the tent at any time;
No heaters/coolers/flames to be used inside the tent at any time;
Fox Meets Bear Events will only accept bookings from persons over 18 years of age; 
All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has parental rights and responsibilities for the under 18 year old guest; and
Fox Meets Bear Events reserves the right, at all times, without statement of reasons, to refuse a booking.

Bookings and Payments
All fees and charges are in Australian dollars and are subject to change at any time;
A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. Deposit amounts will be calculated depending on the size and type of booking. Your booking and date are not secured until this deposit is paid. The deposit amount will be deducted from your final invoice;
Final payment is due 14 days in advance of your event date; and
A security bond is required along with your final payment14 days prior to the commencement of your event. Security bond amounts will be calculated depending on the size and type of booking. This bond is refundable upon satisfactory return of all equipment and will be processed within seven business days of the completion of your booking. 

If you cancel your booking prior to 14 days before the date your event, you will forfeit your deposit;

If you cancel your booking within 14 days of your event, you will forfeit/be charged the full booking amount;
If you would like to reschedule your booking within 14 days of your event, you will forfeit your deposit and need to pay another deposit to secure a new date; and

In the event of forecasted bad weather you are responsible for providing an indoor venue for the equipment to be set up inside. Fox Meets Bear has absolute discretion in deciding if an event is able to go ahead in any forecasted weather. If a indoor venue is not available, the decision to cancel must be made at least 14 days prior to the event, in which case you will only lose your deposit. Events cancelled due to bad weather will lose 50% of the total booking cost if cancelled within 14 days of the event or 100% if cancelled within 48 hours of the event.

Check-in / Check-out
The check-in time are subject to availability and are to be agreed between the client and Fox Meets Bear Events prior to the event.

The check-out time is four hours after check-in time unless otherwise agreed to by Fox Meets Bear Events. 

The client agrees to take responsibility for all equipment used in the set up from the check-in time until the check-out time and the equipment must not be left unattended by the client at any point during the hire time.

The client, or a representative of the client, must stay with the equipment until a representative of Fox Meets Bear Events returns at the end of the hire time. 


Fox Meets Bear Events will set up, style and pack down the picnic, tent or teepee; 

The client is not permitted to set up or pack down any equipment without the explicit permission of Fox Meets Bear Events; 
Picnic area, tent or teepee must be free of rubbish at time of check-out;
Picnic area, tent or teepee must be free of hirers personal items at time of check-out; 
Fox Meets Bear Events will inspect the picnic furnishings, tent or teepee for any damage or loss of equipment at time of check-out and the security bond will be used to cover any cost incurred as a result of damage or loss (including excessive soiling); if these costs are more than the security bond amount the client will be billed for the additional costs. The client agrees to pay any and all costs associated with the required cleaning, repair or replacement of damaged or lost equipment. If no damage or loss has occurred the security bond will be refunded to hirer within seven business days. 

Assumption of Risk
Whilst we take great care to keep you safe, accidents can happen and Fox Meets Bear Events is not held responsible for such accidents (to the greatest extent permitted by law). It is the hirers responsibility to supervise children;

Please be mindful of tent pegs and guy ropes used to pitch the tent. It is the hirers responsibility to supervise children around these objects. Fox Meets Bear Events is not accountable for accidents or injury which may occur as a result of tent pegs and guy ropes or any other structures or furnishings;   
If you notice any equipment or furnishing which looks faulty and/or unsafe you must inform Fox Meets Bear Events immediately; and
Fox Meets Bear Events accepts no responsibility for theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, of your personal items during or as a result of your tent hire.

Creative ownership / intellectual property

Fox Meets Bear Events has creative ownership of all work produced by Fox Meets Bear Events.

Fox Meets Bear Events reserves the right to photograph all work they produce and to keep and use those photographs for any purpose including but not limited to social media posts, for use on their website, and for marketing of Fox Meets Bear Events in any capacity. 

If Fox Meets Bear Events produces work at a private residence, the client gives Fox Meets Bear Events permission to photograph their work and use those photographs for any purpose as above. The client agrees that they have sought this permission from owner of the private residence if they are not the owner.

Any photos taken of work by Fox Meets Bear Events by other parties including but not limited to the client, other vendors/businesses, and guests of the event must not be used to promote another business without the explicit permission of Fox Meets Bear Events. Use of any photos in any capacity which contain work produced by Fox Meets Bear Events must give credit to Fox Meets Bear Events within their use.


Third Party Bookings

If third party bookings, such as catering, are made by Fox Meets Bear on the client's behalf, the client agrees to and is bound by the full terms and conditions of the third party (including payment of deposits and cancellation policies). 

Additional conditions for urban events.

These conditions are to be read in conjunction with Fox Meets Bear Event's Terms and Conditions and will be enforced by Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS):

All damage to the park or open space areas is to be repaired at the expense of the person whom makes the online booking. An invoice will be issued to the event host if not rectified to satisfaction of TCCS; and

Event host should be aware of the financial risks associated with damage to the park or park assets such as turf damage or irrigation damage as a result of the event.

Authority to Sign

The person whom makes the online booking certifies that he or she is authorised to agree to the Terms and Conditions on behalf of all persons included in the activity;
This person is over the age of 18; and
They agree to take full responsibility for the picnic furnishings, tent or teepee, along with the persons present at the event for the duration of the hire.