Our bell's baby sister - she can be covered or naked with vines or fairy lights wrapped around the frame

Giant Jenga


 2 available

Giant Naughts & Crosses


1 available

Festoon Lighting


40 meters - power access required.

 Wooden Trestle Table


1 available - perfect as a food or drinks table



 1 available

Kids Bowling


1 available

Outdoor table


Perfect for a cake table or to pair with our outdoor chairs for another seating option

Polaroid Package


Have a ball capturing your event with our instax polaroid camera!
Includes 1 box of film (20 photos)



2 available

Table Top Games

$10 each

Jenga, Snakes & Ladders, Connect 4, Dominos, Scrabble, Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and more 

Outdoor Chairs

$7 each

Perfect as another seating option and a great add to the aesthetics